The most known American author Philip Kotler believe that Marketing 4P’s describe by:
Product, Place, Price, Promotion.
We are all know these elements are so important but not everything! Some how it won’t work for today’s marketing!
I believe that we have 4P’s which is more important than Kotler 4P’s.
Now, Amir 4P’s for marketing is available here:
People, People, People, People.
No matter you are handling a product base business or full service one. Your employees(Your People) are the border of your brand(business) and the customers.
Sir Richard Branson says:
“The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.”
Specially in service’s business that you have never contact with your customers. For instance, Airline, Hotel and hospitality, Restaurant and so on.
Picture this, if you serve the best and perfect meal in your restaurant with high quality material but your people serve it ordinary and greeting cold with your customers, you never create a great and memorable experience for your customers!
Please close your restaurant and get back to home! You can save your money in your bank account!
Marketing is an ART.
Marketing is a SCIENCE.
It’s easy to say marketing is a mixture of
When I say Art, I mean Art of communication. You should be an artist to communicate with people by their language.
You have to find the common language between your brand and your customers.
This language is containing many parameters such as: Brand identity, Slogan, Brand messages, Visual elements, Logo, Trade mark, Name, Psychology of colors, Copywriting, … .
You should learn you never talk to a child with the language of you talk to an age!
It would never happen unless you train your people.

~ Amir Seyedahmadpour